Create a Work of Art with Coloured Glass

The possibilities are endless with bespoke aluminium sliding doors from Trade Sliders. This week, we take a look at the Lacobel and Matelac range of of coloured glass panels for sliding doors. It doesn’t have to just be coloured glass. Coloured, patterned and wood options can be combined to create a truly personal work of art. If you are excited by sleek and stylish furniture, AGC Lacobel and Matelac coloured glass will offer you a spectacular level of choice.


In 2021, designers are moving away from grey shades. Although grey can be beautiful when applied in the right way, muted tones aren’t for everyone. A bedroom should be a space to enjoy and the colours you choose should suit your personality. For nature lovers, metallic green pairs well with trendy Scandinavian inspired decor. If tropical prints float your boat, you are in luck as this style continues to be popular. Match some tropical patterned scatter cushions with aluminium sliding wardrobe door panels in orange and aqua, and you’ll be ready to rumba!

Limited only by your imagination


From sky blue to lime, we have the full palette of colourful inspiration in the Lacobel and Matelac range. For help choosing your coloured glass panels, look to the artists of the past where you’ll find even more ideas:

  • Art Deco style, popular between the 20s and 40s, featured rich colours, bold geometry and decadent detail. How about combining black and white panels to create your own sophisticated style?
  • Even if the name, ‘Piet Mondrian’ doesn’t ring a bell, you’ll almost certainly recognise the Dutch painters work, featuring many colourful interlocking panels. It is hard to believe he was painting such contemporary designs before the Second World War. Using a combination of bold glass panels in your sliding wardrobe doors, you could create a work of art as striking as that of a Mondrian.


To freshen up your bedroom, think about adding glass, wood and mirror aluminium sliding wardrobe sliding doors from Trade Sliders

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