Tips for Cleaning your mirror doors

Here at Trade Sliders, We have been manufacturing and supplying sliding wardrobe doors to the trade for many years. Even though more contemporary materials and style exist now, Mirror Sliding Wardrobe Doors are still a popular choice, and we have a few tips to help you keep your doors sparkling clean.

The house proud amongst you will want to keep your mirrors as sparklingly reflective as the day they were installed, so here are our tips for cleaning and maintaining your Sliding Mirror Wardrobe Doors from Trade Sliders.

The Right Product

There are lots of scientific and over marketed products available for cleaning your mirrors, which extends to your Sliding Mirror Wardrobe Doors, Although they work, we will let you into a secret – simple H2O, or water as its more commonly known with a tiny squirt of washing up liquid works best, less is more when it comes to detergent to avoid unwanted marks and streaks.

The Right Cloth

My grandmother swore by newspaper, and although it work and is recyclable – we find that a clean and dry chamois leather works best for achieving a streak free finish on your mirror sliding wardrobe doors

Following these two simple steps will leave your made to measure, bespoke sliding wardrobe mirror door beautifully reflective and streak free.

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