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1. Save you space

Designing the perfect space can be tricky business. Especially when space is at a premium. Sliding wardrobe doors are perfect for small cosy spaces as they do not require any clearance space to open or close. They also save you actual storage space within the wardrobe itself as access to the entire wardrobe is not restricted by dividers. Doors can be shuffled across the track as needed allowing for greater choice in how you access your storage.

2. Unbelievably Customisable

Sliding wardrobe doors offer a wide range of customisations options that normal cupboards do not. Sliding wardrobe doors can be done in glass, mirror or board as well as a combination of all of them. Trade Sliders is the United Kingdoms largest stockist of AGC Lacobel & Matelac coloured glass. We also do our own exclusive range of painted glass designed match the latest and trendiest brands on the market.


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3. Beautifuly Aesthetic

The aesthetics of sliding wardrobe doors are undeniable. Nothing screams more style than a white bedroom with 3 door premium wardrobe comprised of a silver mirror centre panel, pure white Lacobel side panels and a matte iron grey Montana profile.


Sliding wardrobe doors offer the ability to add colour to your space. Whether it be matching panels to compliment bedding or coloured glass panels that match the colour of the room. Perhaps you prefer wood grain? How lovely would it be for your wardrobes wood grain finish to match or compliment your bedroom furniture.

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4. Extremely Durable

Sliding Wardrobe doors have outstanding durability, especially when fitted with soft close technology. This prevents the doors from slamming against the side of the wardrobe when closed with force. Soft close basically ensures that the doors are closed in controlled manner to increase the overall lifespan of the doors. Trade Sliders makes high quality doors. We use high grade aluminium and custom designed components to ensure that our customers recieve a product that is both high quality and durable.

5. A touch of personality

 Multiple door designs and customisations like diamond cut, digital printing and sandblasting allow a person to express their own individuality in their space. Trade Sliders believes that all spaces reflect those who use them and we aim to provide people with a range of products that offers them virtually endless customisation options.

With the largest range of coloured glass, mirror and wood grain finishes and no limit on how you customise your doors Trade Sliders really does have the customers wishes at heart.



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